Time to say goodbye

Sipping on a glass of delicious and juicy mango smoothie I wonder where to begin. There is so much to share since the last post, since my return from India. My yearning to discover where home really is, has calmed down and I have received a resounding answer from within that home is where my heart is at peace and it so happens that I am at peace in India as well as in Melbourne and probably will be peaceful even if I moved to New York or any other place on this planet!

It was the simple realization that when I am at peace within it does not matter where I live, there is harmony all around me.

Speaking of interesting realisations, before leaving for India and after my return, I have noticed that life is very quiet and peaceful, everything is going along smoothly, silently.

Why might you ask is this interesting ? Isn’t it great that everything is so peaceful and harmonius?

Yes absolutely! You see from having a life that was filled with drama and loads of action, mostly self created, I have now finally arrived at a point of inner peace that even I find it surprising and little hard to believe and handle sometimes!

Such irony!!! We pray and pray for peace and harmony in life, when it comes, we have no idea how to be in such peace.

From this place of peace I looked around my home and I noticed that it is slowly turning into a full scale art gallery! There are paintings hung on every wall, every corridor and many sitting near the prayer altar. They look like they are waiting…..waiting for their next journey.

About 5 years ago I started my spiritual journey. I guess we are all on a journey since our birth; I consciously chose a spiritual path around this time. During this time I witnessed many miracles both large and small. Miracles and magic came into my life in the form of people, books, messages, songs, journeys, healers...the list goes on. When I had started this journey, I had no idea what and where I was headed, yet through the appearances of these miracles I was slowly guided along my path.

Today whenever I am faced with a challenging situation or a question I have absolute faith that the answer will appear when I am ready in the form of a miracle.

One of the most profound miracles were the patterns that I started to create during my healing. It is hard for me to express in words my experience when I paint. It is as if I am lifted from my body into a place where anything is possible. The colors have the power to flow into any part of me to uncover that which I most want to hide or hold onto. When the color seeps into the heart of the issue, my tears flow as do the patterns. Healing begins…

I have painted on occasions for over 24 hours in a stretch without a single break. It is only after the pattern is complete that I return to my body and realize that time exists and as do I. To me there isn’t any other blessing in my life as glorious as this.

I remember clearly the first time when I was handed a canvas by a very special miracle that had come into my life to activate this magic and blessing. He handed me a piece of wood and a little canvas and told me to paint while he went about his work.

I made my first pattern sitting on the porch of a beautiful olive farm painting for over 4 hours on the canvas and the piece of wood. The picture to the right is of the first pattern I made; I call it “Chamatkar” meaning Miracle. It is also the cover of the book I wrote last year called "IAM".

Since this experience my friendship with art grew stronger and as I discovered its healing powers, this bond became deeper.

When I finish a painting, I stare at it lovingly for hours, enjoying its energy and wisdom. You see when I paint I rarely know what is about to take form on the canvas. So when it is finally done, its almost like seeing a new born baby, so much love, excitement and tenderness is exchanged between us.

There is a special meditative process I have for each painting. I have created some in the dark with only few candles to guide me. The painting below is one of my favourite, it is called “Twin Soul”. I remember opening my eyes after a meditation in the dark, I had few tea lights on and nothing else; through the dancing flames I saw a huge burst of hearts, beautiful and bright in red, in all sizes and they had completely filled my living room. I was filled with so much delight, childlike innocence and excitement seeing these hearts, feeling their love and their message of hope and love. I am still struggling with the idea of parting with this innocent beauty…..

I often have the paintings perched on my head board overnight, sometimes for many nights as the wisdom and energy from it flows through the house and directly into me for days. I intuitively know when my work with it is done, after which I retire it into a special place on the wall.

The picture below is of another painting that I made when I was sick with fever. Somehow sickness did not matter and the drowsiness of the medication disappeared when I lifted the brush and started its dance with color. This painting took me over 13 hours and it is filled with such high vibrations, I kept waking up in the night feeling the intensity of its energy. It took me a while to get used to its purity.  Its vision and promise is so divine it is hard for me to comprehend its promise.

So over the last 3 years I have made many patterns and paintings and I have held on to them as my precious treasures.

Surrendering memories, objects, people, experiences, places; the gifts that come to us as we heal is an interesting process. Some we let go naturally, some after consideration and some others after much grieving.

Some gifts are so precious, we hold on and on hoping they may become part of our forward journey. I know this feeling to well! All I have to do is to take a look around my house and see the paintings that bless my walls.

I realize that by surrendering these gifts that helped in my healing, I set them free to heal others and continue their karma and dharma on Earth.

These paintings and patterns found their way to this dimension through me, yet they are not mine to keep and hold on to. Their healing powers, their miracles and magic is for all to experience.

So with this humbling realization I have decided to surrender my dearest treasures to new homes, meditation altars and loving arms of blessed souls looking for healing, for miracles and for magic in their lives.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting paintings in the “Healing Art Gallery” in the Divya Amin website.

I welcome you all to view the art gallery and recommend it to friends and families looking for meaningful spiritual gifts. To begin I will be posting some of the medium sizes canvases, followed by the smaller pieces. There will be something for all I promise :)

With this I bid you good night. Tonight is a special night of the blood moon eclipse. This is a spectacular inter dimensional event with huge spiritual implications that will help in our internal growth and progress. Here is a link to a post written by Sangeeta Handa, a metaphysical writer that I follow and believe in. The content is somewhat technical in the spiritual sense, yet if you are called then I suggest you read it with an open heart and allow the messages to sink into your soul.

Sleep well and expect to be wonderfully surprised in the coming days……

Do not hesitate to connect with me through Divya Amin or through facebook, if you have any questions on the eclipse and the upcoming event.

Love, Deepthi