I started out with a commitment to write a blog post every Sunday. Last few weeks I have not been as regular and tied to this self inflicted schedule. The reason for that is I don’t want to share something with you unless there is a desire to do so.

Why write something unless I am called to communicate and connect with you?

There is also the pressure to share something of profound meaning and value. Well this is hard right now, as all I have been experiencing in the last few weeks is a number of unexplainably confusing events. As each event passed, I waited for wisdom and clarity to visit me, so that I could understand it for myself, write this post and share it with you if I felt called to.

Well, the wisdom, I am still waiting, and clarity, well lets just say it would be dearly welcomed some time soon ;)

I write to you from a place of not knowing, the dreaded “unknown”.

It all started with this painting I made about a month back. Its called “Tantra”.

I haven’t the faintest clue on how it relates to me other than that I really want and wish for the Love Light and Truth in this painting to be in my life. I have a sense of what it means; I am told I will fully understand it through another person who will explain this painting to me.

I see……very interesting……I cant wait ;)

Through the utterly chaotic experiences, I am beginning to understand the true meaning of words and phrases that I have so often heard from spiritually inclined friends; words like; witnessing, being still, being a mountain, weathering the storm, flowing through chaos have all started to make perfect sense.

I have been watching with curiosity and humour; well as much as humour as I can muster when planned events fell through, people I counted on suddenly changed course and when people who I thought understood me well could no longer relate. Suddenly the familiar surroundings, connections and experience’s had turned unrecognisably strange.

Maybe this is what happens when there is change.

When new becomes old and old becomes new

Suddenly the same things, same people and same events appear different, unfamiliar and!

They say that when we change from the inside everything around us changes. Change is almost always never as we imagine; more powerful the change, less it is physical and visible.

Such change we can only experience and survive when we are truly, utterly and absolutely still. This has been my experience so far and it continues…………

One of the best gifts so far has been the ability to laugh and remain light even when going through confusion and chaos. I am impressed and mighty proud of this! Those close to me know that I have the tendency to be deeeeeeeep and innnnteeennssse in a heartbeat and so this quality to be light hearted and laugh during most trying times is so welcome :)

What this has shown me is that no matter how dark and heavy the storm is, when I am in my center, in my heart; the flying debris circles around me and settles at my feet, without ever coming close to me. This is the beauty, simplicity and safety of stillness.

I promise to share the outcome of this adventure in upcoming posts which I will share from far far away.......from the cradle that I was born in; India. I am going for an important celebration that I have been waiting for all this year.

Tonight I’d like to sign off sharing with you some gorgeous pictures that were sent to me all the way from South America, from festive Rio.

My dear friend and Divya Amin fan Nathalie, has embarked on a journey of self discovery and healing. Before she left Melbourne, she took with her as many of our patterns of love as she could.

Through her travels, she is seen wearing the lush green and black Pattern of Surrender, the soft pink and violet Pattern of Love.

My heart is filled with so much joy and gratitude watching the patterns flowing across borders and coming to life on such beautiful souls.

Thank you universe for this honour!

Deepthi xx