Healing Homes

Deepthi Amin Divya Amin The Urban Hippie

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post. Since the last post on Atonement, there has been a period of silence. Every time I sat down to write a post, my Internet would not co operate. I took it as an opportunity to share some silence.

In a way it felt good to not have anything to learn or share. I was on school holidays….holidays from the school of life ;)

Last 3 weeks have been interestingly peaceful, gentle and very flowy. I can only imagine this as the unfolding of the gifts since the walk of atonement on the bridge.

I celebrated my birthday on Saturday and my wish was to have the happiest year yet, of my life so far :))

When I started this blog I did say that I would share my musings on topics other than spirituality.

I lie! Everything is spiritual for me as it is my way of life.

This is me exploring my latest love interest; Terrariums and Bonsai’s.

Why you ask? Here's why?

Rituals have been a big part of my childhood and growing years. The morning rituals of my Mother and Grandma is one that I love most and something that I have adopted here in Melbourne.

Every morning back home in Mangalore, my mother opened all windows. We woke up to breath the freshest air mixed with the sweet smell of burning incense. A lamp is lit in front of her prayer altar and a large ornate bowl made of brass is filled with fresh water and placed in the center of our living room. In this beautiful pool of cool water; freshly plucked hibiscus, jasmine; placed gently, floating all day, releasing their healing fragrance into our home. If you think this is beautiful, wait till you hear what my Grandma used to do in our home in the village.

Doing Mom’s ritual proved a little challenging for me here in Melbourne. I don't have a garden full of fresh flowers and it is freezing winter and opening the windows in the morning is out of question! So I decided to create my own version of this ritual.

Deepthi Amin Divya Amin Pattern of new beginnings

My gift to me for this birthday is this beautiful graceful Bonsai lady and a mystical water fountain, bringing to life all elements of the universe in my home.

Our homes are living breathing structures and they choose us as much as we choose them. There is a healing quality in every home and it is key to our daily renewal and nourishment. Having a steady stream of all elements; air, water, fire, earth and ether (energy) within our homes is like feeding and nourishing the home, just as we feed our bodies.

What our body releases as we heal each day is absorbed by the structure we call home and it is in turn cleansed by the elements within our homes. This is why having plants, water pools and fountains indoors were introduced in ancient times when man first started building structures to protect his family and tribe. 

So what is my ritual you ask? Well you’ll just have to wait to read this one….its very special and I’ll share it soon when its time…

Before I sign off today, I want to do a small shout out for a cute little store I visit on Brunswick Street in Melbourne. In case you noticed the gorgeous leather gypsy tote on my shoulder; It is from Maven & Kit; somewhere I go when I want to find an interesting surprise that is eclectic and full of old world charm.

Bring your home to life with nature....activate its healing potential.

Yours truly, Deepthi