Feminism, Goddessism

Hello Hello!

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I hope you are enjoying the “in” time that winter offers. I am certainly having many warm, cozy days and nights at home, thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to get closer to myself.

Thank You! Your response to my first post has been amazing and encouraging. I feel so full and grateful.

With this post I want to share my experience on feminism, goddessism

Its everywhere; on tv, social media; magazines. The “glorious feminine”, “empowerment of women”, “rise of the goddess” so on so forth. Its become a fashion statement, the new black!!

In the last years, I have come face to face with various aspects of me; both light and dark, masculine and feminine. Some made me cringe, while others made me proud and content. I just wished that all of me worked in harmony. I wanted all of them to have an equal opportunity to be expressed. Sadly this wasn’t the case.

I asked myself each time I cringed and saw the “f” and “g” word…why was is this irritating me so much?

Here’s my truth

Day in day out I saw, heard and watched; the divine feminine, being empowered. There was so much pressure in the air to be all this and more. I felt this and I was constantly pushed on to this pedestal. There was pressure to be a “mother”, “career woman”, "healer", "author", "leader" and of course a collective rumour that you can only be one and not all. One must sacrifice the wish to be a mother if one wants a successful career. This pressure, this rumour is not limited to women alone, it troubles men equally.

I knew consciously that this was total BS, unconsciously though I totally signed up and pledged to this school of belief. I gave full permission to the over expressed feminine parts of me to bully the tender masculine parts of me that wanted to be seen.

When I launched Divya Amin I was convinced that I had to let go of my corporate career; how can the two co exist? Divya Amin is so fluid, creative and feminine and the corporate role so masculine and disciplined; surely at some point one would take over the other!

When I turned 35, I threw my hands in the air and decided that maybe being a successful social entrepreneur/career woman was my destiny and my dreams of a family and children to be surrendered…

I struggled with this separation, with this duality for a long time. Because I struggled, I saw it everywhere!

Finally it was time; I was guided to the cave to face my inner bully. She was beautiful, magnificent, oh so creative and talented. She believed that only she could save me and without her there is nothing, there is no life. She summoned him (my inner masculine) when she chose, when there was heavy lifting to do, some laboring to do and once done, ordered him back to the cage. He lived in the cage, eyes full of tears, silently pleading for light.

He had his own story…

He had run her world during her younger days to protect her from danger. He knew how to fight, to protect and so he did; waged wars over and over again to keep her safe. Surrounded her with so much armor she could barely see, barely breathe.

And then one day starving for air, for light, she died in her cage. There was no more war to wage, no one to protect. He died too, a slow death of regret and shame. Before his last breath he prayed for a miracle, to see her again.

The miracle occurred and she came back and with her, he too rose. This time he swore there would be no war, no cage. They will walk together, hand in hand, arm in arm

She never forgot the cage, she never forgot the war and she reminded him everyday.

Ashamed he walked into the cage and locked it shut…there was no place for him in her glory; in her temple…this was her time to shine.

This was my state of being; the rise of my feminine at the dear cost of my masculine. This conflict was inside me and it was all around me. In my roles and jobs, in relationships, in day to day routines and it was even reflected in my decision-making.

I am deeply humbled by this realization and I pray everyday that I move deeper and deeper with all parts of me regardless of the essence; whether feminine or masculine. All of them make me whole; all of this makes the world, the universe whole. One cannot thrive; one cannot blossom without the other.

The cage is now destroyed…..

I am watching my world change each day becoming balanced, harmonious, content and joyous. It’s only natural for this to be reflected in my roles, in my relationships and in my body. I do occasionally see the articles, they don’t bother me anymore.

My hope with this post is that you also become aware if this duality exists within you. Look deep and remove the conflict from within. The war outside will end, its inevitable.

If you are one of those balanced people, who have already found this wisdom; I am happy and I hope that you spread the word and share this view with others.

Feminine or masculine, male or female, we are all invited to the party ;)

Just like a painting, it’s a mutli colored rainbow; rainbow is the new black!

Its time for ALL aspects of us to be celebrated.

Until next time, Deepthi