What is Power?

I have been putting off writing what I am about to share in this post for a while now. Truth be told, I am scared. I am scared that I may not do justice to the topic I am about to write today.

I am about to write about Power.

My experience with power has been minimal. I am feeling vulnerable as I write this post.

My sister must have sensed this. She called me and I just got off the phone after watching my little nephew Khush do absolutely adorable and cute tricks on the other side of the planet in India. His energy and his innocence is inspiring me to be fearless. So here goes…

For the last 3 months I have been intensely aware of “Power”. Power of all type that a human emanates; personal, physical, energetic, power of beauty, power of speech and power of presence.

There are so many versions, the list goes on.

In the old days when I thought of power, the words that came to my mind were money and beauty. If one had money or wealth then there was access to anything and everything in the world. Add a dose of incredible physical attractiveness and beauty to this and voila, there is power! These were my beliefs about power and of a powerful person.

Well I am reasonably attractive and have been blessed with abundance in my life; was I powerful then?

I met many people who were both wealthy and great looking, were they powerful?

If I applied my old ideology then yes I was totally powerful and yes these people who drove the best cars and lived in mansions and looked like movie stars were also in fact very powerful.

The magic formula; Wealth + Beauty = Power

I had it all? or atleast a lot of it…..no?

Then why is it that I felt powerless and like a victim most of my life? Why did these people some of whom I know closely also feel and behave as if they have no power.

In an attempt to salvage my ego, at one point I made a new addition to the magic formula. That’s it I totally got it, I added “intellect”.

Does the chemistry of power change and become more potent with the addition of intellect?

No, not really

In the last 3 months, all of these questions reappeared to be addressed. I knew that it was time for me to acquaint myself with real and absolute power, divine power.

How? I did not know.

All I knew is that as usual, I will be guided and all I had to do was to trust my mind, heart, body and soul and so I did.

The journey of 3 months came to a full circle last evening when I finally sat down to paint the Pattern of Power. I glimpsed its waves and rays several times during my meditations and in my dreams in the past months. I was tempted to paint it many times, each time I heard no, its not time yet.

I knew I was ready when I sat for meditation on Wednesday. When I count back I realise that I drew the pattern yesterday, Saturday, 3 days after Wednesday. This is what I had heard in the meditation on Wednesday, that I would be ready to capture the pattern in all its glory in 3 days!

Here is an image of the pattern captured in both light and in dark;

                         Pattern of Power in Light energy

                         Pattern of Power in Light energy

                     Pattern of Power in dark mother, Kali energy

                     Pattern of Power in dark mother, Kali energy

Here are the learning’s and insights that came through this pattern;

The pattern of power has the perfect blend of masculine and feminine energy. It can be anchored into a human body only when there is perfect harmony of these opposing energies. In order for these energies to be completely in harmony, peace must be established both in the inner and in the outer world of the being.

The Human body must be in rhythm with nature both spiritually and physically. Whilst the feminine is established through piety & devotion, creativity and beauty. The masculine is established through the build up of strength and discipline of the physical, emotional and spiritual.

The 5 elements of nature that exists in our body also had to be harmonized completely through diet, exercise and healing. Once this is achieved power is fully established in the being. This is a gradual process and the anchoring occurs bit by bit as each of the above mentioned factor is achieved and completed.

What is the use of Power?

Power has two aspect; Light and Dark

Power through Light is used to establish peace, harmony and abundance in the world.

Power through the dark is used to stimulate change, transformation and to begin creation.

Power through the light is anchored through the blessings and guidance of several divine beings; Lord Ganesha, Lord Metatron and Arch Angel Michael are few such angelic beings that help anchor this energy.

Power of the dark is anchored through the guidance of the dark mother Kali, Goddess Durga and Mother Isis.

Whilst inner peace and harmony of the masculine and feminine energy help with the anchoring of power, its application is possible only through Truth and Unconditional Love.

When power is yielded without truth and unconditional love it is nothing but wasted energy, like a fire that burns in a room with no one to keep warm. Power when yielded without an intention for good, for great, it dies much like the fire in the uninhabited room.

Conversely when power is yielded with intention, it transforms ones journey and it also activates the power grids of other beings that are on the same journey. Together this journey is headed towards a spiritual destination.

The most important lesson of power is to master the use of its darker shade. This is an intense energy that requires the sacred channeling of truth, anger and unconditional love in a manner that is both destructive and creative at the same time. Destroying old paradigms, decaying thoughts and systems with truth and anger. Birthing, creating and nurturing the new with unconditional love.

Why is Power given to us?

Beings of power are necessary for the growth and evolution of humankind and the universe. They lead others through the journey of evolution and transformation. Some beings work with the power of light and others through the power of dark. The nature of power that is used by these beings is pre determined before they arrive on earth. Although they have chosen one dominant nature of power to work with, all of these beings have the ability to use both when necessary.

Where did this insight come from?

What is written here is not channeled insights from an external source. This is the voice of my soul and of the higher self that now co exists with my ego. The ego is now in truce with the higher self as it too has been tamed with the anchoring of power.

This is a brief summary of the theoretical lesson that I have learned.

On an experiential level, several unresolved matters that I had detached from rose up to the surface for conclusion. Previously I did not have the power to resolve these situations to completion and so for a moment they were taken away from my sphere of existence. Now that I was coming into my power, they appeared again for conclusion and completion. This I experienced both on a personal and professional front.

On a spiritual level there was clear direction to create peace with many beings that were here helping me anchor my power. Some of them had come here on assignments and tasks that required them to use their dark power to activate my own power. These were in the form of friendships and connections through which I had experienced control, manipulation, drama and temptation. Again, I had walked away from these situations and from these beings and now it was imperative that I understood their roles in my growth and make peace with them. This involved the exercise of a great deal of compassion and the full and complete understanding of the karmic lessons that each of them represented.

Lastly on the level of my human body I was required to create a state of purity, strength and restraint. This may sound hard and as I type the words it does seem like I joined a monastery or went to a nunnery to do this! I didn’t, I just listened to the natural guidance of my body to do what was required to prepare. I knew that I had to eat well, meditate, exercise and avoid temptations of the body, mind and soul.

All of this was a gradual process and at the time I did not know that there was a 3 month period and that it would all come together in the way it has. So whatever I did, I did it without attachment or expectation of coming into power. What I had to do once again came to me through intuition and guidance. I just remained loving and open.

Unlike previous experiences, emotionally, this has been relatively calm and joyous. I guess I had already done the work required in the last few years to get to a state of peace and happiness and so this did not seem as painful or hard as it may be perceived.

There was hard work to do on a physical level in the form of exercise and discipline and this was challenging. However with the teachers and guides that were sent to me, this too felt more like a gift rather than a punishment :)

What happens now?

Do I fly like wonder woman?

Will I wear my undies on the outside of my pants…..

Sorry! I could not help it  : p

All is well. No events to be reported yet. I have to watch and see day by day, as this new phase unfolds.

Having lived most of my life believing that I was a victim, that I was cursed and punished by the universe, that I was unworthy and undeserving of love, this new state of being is brand spanking new!

So bear with me as I journey through this experience. I promise to report back all that I observe, learn and experience in the coming posts.

Before I sign off I’d like to keep the doors open to hear what this post brings up for you.

I have often wondered what you feel when you read my experiences.

If I read something like this about 4 years back, I would’ve thought the person writing this was tripping on something really mellow ;)

Yet here I am speaking with absolute clarity, without fear, sharing the most intimate and deepest moments of my journey here on earth.

What does that mean to you? How does that resonate with you?

I want to know, the dark and the light.

Love, Deepthi