Come Home

Today I write my blog from my new office! It’s a cute little den that I have been working on for a while. Finding the right furniture, the right mood for the place is a process that I’ve rather enjoyed. Today it all came together magically, I am so thrilled!

I am celebrating with a chilled glass of Hendricks and a bowl of sweet and salted popcorn (super addictive, personal trainer will be very unhappy if she read this!).

You know what? Right here right now, I could not be happier :)

I probably said the same thing to a friend only last week and the week before and the week before!

Why does my happiness grow so?

I haven’t won a million dollars

I am yet to find that mad romance

I haven’t done the Inca trail, neither have I climbed Mount Everest yet

I am yet to buy a country home in the mountains, have babies

Still I am happy. I am happy as a penguin!!

I say penguin because they are super cute, joyful and they are always cuddling and dancing.

So yes I am happy as a penguin!

The myth that if we have the money, that job, the man, the woman, dream home, dream holiday, that we will be happy is such bullshit. I sincerely hope people start to realize this NOW. I am not referring to a slow over time realization. I am talking about a mass awakening to see the truth.

We are asking the right questions these days and the number of people on a conscious or spiritual path is growing. There is hope, I have faith, all will see the truth.

The latest fad that I see everywhere is this quest to “find purpose”, “find meaning of life”! People are spending zillions of dollars to find the magic answer. It is a booming industry.

I too got caught up in the wave and I searched and searched and searched for purpose, for meaning. When I finally discovered the truth it was so simple, it made me laugh!!! I still laugh at the simplicity of it all.

Whether you believe it or not, our deepest purpose in this human life on planet earth is to master the art of “Love”. Not to love another or anything external, but just to Love the self. Yes! For me to love me and for you to love you!

Super simple!

How can it be so simple?

Ask any happy, any peaceful, any successful person who is one with their power; Dalai Lama, Richard Branson, Marianne Williamson. A common thread in these beings is their love for themselves and therefore their love is unconditional for others.

When Rumi says that everything starts and ends with love. He is not being wise, poetic, cute or sexy, he is simply stating a universal truth.

Humans love to make things complicated. The ego thrives on this! How can it be so simple? Love myself and I am happy? Really? What is this hippie bullshit?

It is very simple, but don’t be fooled to think that it is easy to do. If it was, it probably would have already been bottled, pressed into a pill or transplanted into the body.

The art of self love is very simple yet it is so very complicated to learn. In order to even experience its simple, sweet innocence, one must travel and strip through several layers of illusions and often this takes many painful experiences and years of learning.

When you get there though, you cannot help but laugh at the simplicity of it all! What is even more amusing is that we as souls choose the very experiences, the lessons and the people through whom to learn these lessons in Love.

I look back often on the years it has taken for me to get to this peaceful place and I feel proud. Proud that I didn’t give up and kept going even when it was too hard to even hope. My god I have come a long long long way.

When people ask me to name a person who inspires me the most, I cannot think of anyone more inspiring to me than myself. I am an example to me, I don’t need to look too far.

When you have been through a life that is riddled with challenges and major life lessons, it is often very tempting to just give up and start all over again. My schooling, my training on Earth school started right from the time that I was conceived and it continued from there on only getting deeper and denser.

I have had many moments when I have cried out of frustration in my meditation asking myself, why on earth have you chosen these experiences? Why? Weren’t there other ways to learn?

After some traveling, I see now that I chose the exact experiences, in the most unique way to be delivered by the most special people to bring me to my destination. To bring me to this point of happiness today.

What I also realized is that as hard as my journey was, I chose it because I AM and only I could handle these challenges the way I have. I wasn’t sent on a blind mission with nothing. I came here with a soul full of divine wisdom, a body teeming with knowledge and intuition and a mind sharper than a computer. All I had to do was to love and trust in me. Trust that I know the answers.

Not very easy is to do, is it?

So what is it that I have come here to learn, to master and to teach?

Love, Truth and Light

On 29th March 2014, I had a dream where I saw these words written in bright light and a voice that was neither male or female whispered a message to me.

I knew that this was it! I didn’t fully understand or comprehend it all. All I knew was that everything I was, everything I am, is and will be is Love, Truth and Light.

To Love I had to first learn to speak, see and go with truth. The more truth I uncover, the more I learn to love, the more I love, more I am drenched in light.

I found my purpose and I knew why I am here.

I had these words tattooe’d on my shoulder in Sanskrit on the day I saw it in my dreams. I wasn't a big fan of needles, neither was I fan of inking the body. This however was a special occasion for me, it was a cosmic birthday and I had to mark it in a special way.

I finally remembered why I am here!

To speak truth

To love unconditionally

To be and to lead through light

Every time I forget this, all I have to do is look at my left arm.

Today I can see the beauty of each experience I chose no matter how dark and painful it was. I see the wisdom in the people I chose to deliver these experiences to me, no matter how betraying it felt at the time. It was all very clever and divinely orchestrated and I truly applaud my Soul ;).

As a child I lost my essence, my innocence and my voice. As I grew into a woman, I barely made it, there was hardly any light in me. I wore a cloak of fear that was dark and dense. No one could enter through the gates.

I believed in every lie there was to believe, I saw every illusion there was to see. I went deep into that point of no return; yes death too was more alluring than the life I had.

From this abyss I found my way back, I came back home.

I had nothing with me, no one with me and I had no clue.

All I had was me

I wasn’t sure if this was enough, if I was enough to save me

Guess what?

All that I needed, all that was required, all there was, was only me, just me

That’s it, just me

In me I found the medicine to heal, in me I found the map to return home

My medicine, color

The map, art, patterns

I am home now

It is now time for me to welcome others home and lead with my light. How will I do this? In my own magical, unique, special way, I will teach what I have learned and welcome many home.

I can’t wait………

Signing off from my new office, my new classroom where I teach and learn...

Come home,


Love, Deepthi