Henna- I am Ready

Henna - I am ready.jpg
Henna - I am ready.jpg

Henna- I am Ready


Limited Edition reprints of healing art by Divya Amin's artist and founder Deepthi Amin.

Painting is reprinted to order and comes as a ready to hand stretched canvas. 

Measurements: Height 40cms, width 40cms

Artists Note: The image is of the original painting. The reprint maintains the colour, quality, consistency and inconsistencies of the original art piece. According to the artist Deepthi, these are the important aspects that provide the healing vibrations from the painting.

Deepthi's note about Henna
Henna is symbolic of a girl stepping into womanhood. In Eastern cultures the palms of the girls are decorated at puberty and again at the wedding. Its a feminine declaration that she is ready for a lifetime of togetherness.
"I painted henna during the wedding of a dear friend. During the celebration I dreamt of my own wedding and henna was born beautiful dark and red, ready to be lit inside out with love.
Every time I look at henna I remember all the weddings I have been part of, the gorgeous delicate hands of the lovely brides, my own palms adorned with light".

Divya Amin will donate $7 from your purchase towards a charity that saves and helps women and girls who have been sexually abused. See the charities page for further information.

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