Behek- I am Surrender

Behek- I am surrender.jpg
Behek- I am surrender.jpg

Behek- I am Surrender


Limited Edition reprints of healing art by Divya Amin's artist and founder Deepthi Amin.

Painting is reprinted to order and comes as a ready to hand stretched canvas. 

Measurements: Height 30 cms, Width 40 cms

Artists Note: The image is of the original painting. The reprint maintains the colour, quality, consistency and inconsistencies of the original art piece. According to the artist Deepthi, these are the important aspects that provide the healing vibrations from the painting.

Deepthi's note about Behek
Behek meaning "Temptation" in Urdu
Behek took me a while to paint, whilst it is a simple art piece, it is symbolic of the strength it took from me to resist the temptation to revert back to an old pattern.
I painted this over few months, at the start discarding the canvas after sketching the outline and then picking it back up again one night to add color and overcoming a fear that haunted me all my life and breaking a barrier I had built between myself and love. 

Divya Amin will donate $7 from your purchase towards a charity that saves and helps women and girls who have been sexually abused. See the charities page for further information.

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