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“I am Divya Amin. 

It means "Divine Calling" in Sanskrit. I traveled the universe in search of myself. 

I searched for medicine to heal and for a map to return home. My medicine was colour and the map, my art. 

I returned home.

Welcome home, heal with my colour, find your map back home”.

Divya Amin promotes empowerment and healing through art and spirituality.

Our products are created from spiritually inspired art and paintings. The current range includes silk scarfs, printed leggings and colouring book for adults. We are the one stop store for all your needs for meaningful gifts online. You can buy them for yourself or gift it to your loved ones.

In addition, we also offer a range of high vibration hand crafted jewellery made with crystals and natural elements.

Based in Melbourne, this social and spiritual enterprise was founded by Deepthi Amin an artist and social entrepreneur who experienced the combined power of healing from art and spirituality in her own life.

Divya Amin means "Divine Calling" in Sanskrit and Deepthi believes that this is her true calling. She believes that the life experiences that lead her on a healing journey were in fact a gift from the universe and it is the source of her purpose and path in this life time.

Deepthi's dream is to grow Divya Amin into a sustainable enterprise providing people with meaningful gifts online, which rehabilitates, educates and employs survivors of sexual abuse.

Divya Amin supports charities that focus on rehabilitating and healing women and children who experienced or are at risk of sexual abuse and trauma.

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